Laminated wood sculpture.


Star like concrete plaza entry sculpture.

Guiding Star

David Engdahl stands next to the tall laminated wood sculpture.

Private Residence Sculpture

An architectural sketch overlays a photograph of a river.

Figure in a River Landscape

Shining silver colored chimes as seen from above.

Aud's Chimes

Laminated wood sculpture on a multi-tiered base.

Pillars of the Arts Award

Laminated wood sculpture.

Lamelliform 165-2x

Laminated wood sculpture that curves in on itself.

Annual Arts Awards Sculptures 2011

Expanded aluminum mesh fish hang from the ceiling.

Ozark Fish

Laminated wood sculpture on an absolute black granite base with silver engraving film

Engdahl Award for Design Excellence

Laminated wood sculpture in the shape of the letter "Q".

Quality Project of the Year Award

Laminated wood sculpture base for a shaped glass table.

Halverson Table

 Three laminated wood sculptures of pelicans descend from an upper level of the house.

Pelicans In Flight

Colorful powder coat painted aluminum airplanes flock in a curve along the ceiling.

Migration of the Paper Airplanes

A large, fluted laminated wood sculpture that is split down the middle.

Axial Split Vessel

Laminated wood sculpture.

Annual Arts Awards Sculptures 1999

The precast concrete archway sculpture stands at the entrance to the Longbranch Community Center.

Archway Sculpture

Laminated wood sculpture that is arched up to imply ascent.


Laminated wood sculpture that is half of a hollow sphere with a narrow arch with printed words: "Salute to the Arts."

WJCT Art Auction Motif Sculpture

A circlular laminated wood sculpture with a relief of a cross in the center.

Cross Sculpture